Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let me intoduce myself to you. This is my second blog on the 'net (my first is on LiveJournal). However, this one will be concerned with the artistic side of my life: knitting and the crafts I do and my first forays into representational art. I will finally have to break down and get a digital camera as my trusty SLR takes much too long!
Anyway, I am in that "certain age"; and, though I do not belong to a club yet, I do wear red hats because I like them. I also love to wear purple; however, I have always loved purple since the time I was a girl.
My maternal Grandmother taught me how to knit when I was around 8 or 9 years old. She had been born in old Tsarist Russia and had immigrated to this country well before the Russian Revolution when she was 16 or 17. In addition, my Mother was very creative as well. She crocheted, quilted, sewed and painted.
However, of all the crafts of my ancestresses, the one that has been the most difficult for me is crochet (sewing machines are also a little bit scary). Maybe some day I will make peace with a crochet hook; but, until then, I have a lot to keep me busy: knitting, needlework (embroidery, x-stitch, etc.), and beading (I make unique jewelry for sale and heirloom-quality prayer beads). Soon I will be adding representational art to my list as I wish to learn to paint with acrylics and oils and draw.
As the title of this blog states, I am a devotee of Athena (Ergane), the Divine Workerwoman. I am a member of Hellenion and Neokori, two religious organizations which are involved with the revival of the religion of the ancient Greeks. In addition to Athena (but not least), I am also especially devoted to Hera Teleia, Hermes, Zeus, and the Muses.

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