Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll Probably Never Buy From Her

This is crazy!!! People wait for days and days for the glorious Sundara to post her new yarns -- and there were only three today which sold out almost immediately! I couldn't even get a second look at them. A person cannot even special order from her highness. Let me tell you, there are many talented yarn dyers out there who do gorgeous work and don't have the ego.

Troubles with a Sweater

Well, I still really love the pattern; however, I am virtually re-writing the thing! (I'll edit this tomorrow to give the URL of the original sweater.) Anyway, the sweater is a lovely dolman-sleeved pullover which can probably either be worn with the V-neck in the front or back (it is pictured on the model on the back). In addition, there is a band of eyelets done every 9 rows on the vertical plane. Anyway, looking at the original pattern, I figured it would actually be fairly easy to do this as a virtual one-piece, rather than separate front and back with applied ribbing. It is knit side-to-side in the original pattern! However, I was about 3 inches into it when I had to walk to the frog pond and rip-it all out. The stupid wrist band was too small -- on a size XL! I had to add 6 stitches in order so that it would fit. Then, I had to proportionally increase the stitches for the beginning of the sleeve proper. I'm still swearing at countless other little things that have been popping up. GRRRR!!! However, I did buy some gorgeous Ellyn Cooper cotton boucle yarn (sport weight) in the Thai Amber colourway that I will make another. This one is in Classic Elite Flash.