Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Rant About China -- OT

I am old enough to remember when the US recognized the Beijing government; however, I never approved of the idea that "China" was one nation because Taiwan was - and still is - a de facto nation. Needless to say, I also believe that Tibet is and should be totally independent from the Beijing. Now, coming to the current fiasco about the Olympics, why oh why did anyone believe that China would change its stripes if it was chosen as a host site? I certainly did not, though it would have been nice to have been proved wrong. I think that the ONLY proper course would be to CANCEL THE OLYMPIC GAMES! If this does not happen, this is the final straw for any moral authority we may think we have on the rest of the world.
(added on 3/27) Of course I can rant about the Peoples Republic on most days (toxic products; slave labour; etc). I will not buy bone beads made there because of the real possibility that the material comes from human beings -- and I refuse to sell anything that I have made which has questionable content. We each have a MORAL and ETHICAL duty to stand up and say, "NO. I will NOT buy products made in the Peoples Republic of China!"

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