Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Things About Myself

17. What I Watch On Television: Countdown with Keith Olbermann; The Rachel Maddow Show; Hardball with Chris Matthews; Bones; Lost; Moonlight; Primeval; Eureka; Fringe; The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency; True Blood; Heroes; Monk; Medium; Ghost Hunters; Astronomy/Cosmology type shows; "Paleo-World" type shows

18. Previous Favourites: Battlestar Galactica (new series); Star Gate; all Star Trek incarnations; Babylon 5; Jane Austen mini-series; Jane Eyre (3 versions)

19. Favourite Movies: Bringing Up Baby; Casablanca; The African Queen; The Maltese Falcon; The Thin Man (several movies); Now, Voyager; Ninotchka; The Third Man; To Catch a Thief; A Shot in the Dark; Dr. Zhivago; Out of Africa; Sophie's Choice; Das Boot; La Nuit de Varennes; Master & Commander; Gladiator; Pan's Labyrinth; Sense & Sensibility; Pride & Prejudice; Persuasion (not quite chronological order)

20. Favourite Operas: Le Nozze de Figaro; Die Zauberflote; Don Giovanni; Norma; Tosca; Der Fliegende Hollander; Tristan und Isolde; Der Ring des Niebelungen; Orfeo et Euridice; Les Contes de Hoffmann

21. Favourite Print Comics: Get Fuzzy; Non Sequitur; Mutts; Rhymes With Orange; Bizarro; Rose Is Rose

22. Favourite Classic Movie Actors: Katharine Hepburn; Humphrey Bogart; Cary Grant; Sir Laurence Olivier; Myrna Loy; William Powell; Errol Flynn; Bette Davis; Claude Raines; Greta Garbo; Marlene Deitrich; Joan Fontaine; Peter Sellars; Alan Ladd

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