Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Busy Knitting and Reading

I can't believe it's been this long since the last post on this blog! I have been keeping up with the side-bar information on the 52 in 52 reading project, however.

On that note, I really do have to recommend Lindsey Davis' Marcus Didius Falco mysteries. As a former history major with an emphasis on the Classical, Mediaeval and Renaissance, her descriptions of the time of Vespasian are spot on. In my opinion, Vespasian was one of the best emperors of the Roman Empire and her depictions of him and his family are terrific. I was also pleased (no brick bats, please) to see that she placed the Christian sects in the right position -- they were not as put-upon and persecuted as their own histories tried to make out and were not really of much interest to every day Romans.

Besides these I have also read a few other novels as well. The Tao of Pooh is also now on my nightstand (I have never read it!).

I have been working on little items. Right now I am making a largish decorative bag in peach KnitPicks Peruvian wool in a fingering weight along with a great peachy marl in alpaca (half and half). It's going to be lined so there will be two sections. Whoever will get it will be able to store their runes and tarot cards together.

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