Monday, September 13, 2010

Erratum for Solace Stole

I have been having a bit of a problem with the Solace Stole; however, this past week-end I found one erratum for the major body of the stole. 
I have knitted lace, so I was upset that things were not working out for me with the border.  Therefore, I decided to use a provisional cast-on for the body, knowing that I could splice on the borders later. 
Now, even that had problems.  I had counted the amount of stitches numerous times -- and, guess what?  There are supposed to be 4 uncharted purl stitches instead of 3 on each side of the stole, which she gave in the directions for the 120 stitch size.  So, after figuring that out, I decided to make my stoles wider by adding 3 repeats of the flame chevron (8 instead of 5) and 6 purl stitches on each side.  Now two stoles on on their way (fuschia and plum), finally!!!!

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