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Book Challenge: 26 Weeks: 92 Books Read

Well, a half-year has rapidly finished; and, since I have been reading at lightning speed (92 BOOKS!!!!), it seems that it might be a good thing to bring my readers up-to-date now on what I've read and what I've thought of it.


Adams, W.: The Eden Legacy(4)*** (N.B. has absolutely Nothing to do with Biblical archaeology)

Byrnes, M.: The Sacred Blood(2)**+

Byrnes, M.: The Sacred Bones(1)**+

AUSTENALIA: Sequels; Prequels; Variations

Adriani, S.: Affinity and Affection**++(N.B. fairly good variation; too erotic for a teen-ager)

Aidan, P.: An Assembly Such as This(1)***++

Aidan, P.: Duty and Desire(2)***++

Aidan, P.: These Three Remain(3)***++

Altman, M.: Mr. Darcy's Great Escape(3)***

Altman, M.: The Ballad of Gregoire Darcy(4)***+

Altman, M.: the Darcys and the Bingleys(1)***

Altman, M.: The Plight of the Darcy Brothers(2)***

Angell, L.: The Sheik of Araby**+

Aston, E.: Mr. Darcy's Dream** (N.B. a green-house!!!! Gah!)

Austen, J. & Nazarian, V.: Mansfield Park and Mummies***

Austen, J. & Nazarian, V.: Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons***++ (N.B. delightfully diverting!)

Bader, T. & Bader, M.: Desire and Duty*+ (N.B. the authors bring in a type of "are you saved" religiosity which is very painful, although I realize that Methodism was gaining at this time, Austen herself was not interested in this; other parts of the story are very nice)

Baxley, M.K.: The Cumberland Plateau(1)***?

Baxley, M.K.: The Mistress's Black Veil*** (N.B. erotica was very understated, which I liked; another what-if Mr. Bennet had died)

Bonavia-Hunt, DA: Pemberley Shades*** (N.B. first published in 1949; this was the 2nd Austen sequel ever written)

Brocklehurst, J.: Darcy and Anne***

Childers, C.: Twilight of the Abyss**+ (N.B. a long novella)

Cole, B.T.: White Lies & Other Half Truths**+ (NB: many copy editing errors, which is a usual problem with many self-published books; story actually is fun)

Cox, K.M.: 1932**++

Croft, J. Marie: Mr. Darcy Takes the Plunge** (N.B. I really was annoyed with the word play (alliterations and puns) that are on nearly every page of this novel.)

Elyot, A.: By a Lady***+ (N.B. time-travel & Bath in the Regency with our own JA as a character)

Ford, M.T.: Jane Goes Batty(2)***++

Granger, A.: Captain Wentworth's Diary**+

Hamilton, M.: Mr. Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman***

Kaye, S.: For You Alone: Frederick Wentworth, Captain, Book 2*** (N.B. I would have done the ending differently)

Kaye, S.: None But You: Frederick Wentworth, Captain, Book 1***

Lilian, L.: Rainy Days***

Lilian, L.: Remembrance of the Past***

Louise, K.: Only Mr. Darcy Will Do***++

Nelson, KL: Pemberley Manor***

O'Brien, S.: Blame It On The Tea** (NB: copy editing was almost non-existent; author really needs help for her ending)

Oakland, R.P.: My BFF (a friendly romance)***

Odiwe, J.: Mr. Darcy's Secret***+

Reynolds, A.: A Pemberley Medley*** (NB: 5 short stories)

Reynolds, A.: From Lambton to Longbourn**++

Reynolds, A.: Morning Light**+ (N.B. I don't know why she makes her modern heroines so neurotic (grr); however, it does get on my nerves. I think this is actual a half-n-half book: half a continuation of Pemberley By the Sea and half a new story. I really cannot see Persuasion in the new story.)

Reynolds, A.: To Conquer Mr. Darcy**+(N.B. previous title Impulse & Initiative -- this was a re-read for me -- I don't know why the publisher changed the title, as the new one is not as good as the first in my opinion)

Sanchez, L.: A Noteworthy Courtship*** (You've Got Mail!)

Saunders, K.: A Modern Day Persuasion**++ (N.B. I really really disliked the occasional (about 5 or 6) short sops to "conservative" Xians -- all could have been removed painlessly!)

Simonsen, M.: For All the Wrong Reasons**+ (novella)

Simonsen, M.L.: A Wife for Mr. Darcy***

Simonsen, M.L.: Mr. Darcy's Angel of Mercy: A Romance of The Great War**++(N.B. short novella -- I don't think I am a real fan of this genre as I felt there could have been a very interesting novel here)

Simonsen, ML: The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy***+

Ward, Eucharista, OSF: A Match for Mary Bennet***+

Wasylowski, KV: Darcy and Fitzwilliam***+

Webb, B.J.: Fitzwilliam Darcy, An Honourable Man***(N.B. a different variation)

Wegner, O.: Moonlighting**+(N.B. P&P and werewolves; Lizzy is NOT blonde!; author has Lizzy and Jane acting like blondes, though L does recover; so much more could have been done)

Wells, L.: Chance Encounters**+ (N.B. I believe that there is too much explicit erotica in this variation

Wells, L.: Fate & Consequences** (N.B. too erotic)

Wells, L.: Perfect Fit*** (N.B. modern with erotic elements; I did like some of the characterization changes for some of the minor characters)

Whelchel, L.: Rocks in the Stream***

MYSTERIES / NOVELS: Ancient Greece

Corby, G.: The Pericles Commission(1)***+

Pressfield, S.: Last of the Amazons***++


Downie, R.: Caveat Emptor(4)****

Downie, R.: Persona Non Grata(3)****

Downie, R.: Terra Incognita(2)****

Saylor, S.: Roman Blood(1)****(N.B. 1st volume of the Roma Sub Rosa series)

MYSTERIES / NOVELS: 18th Century

James, E.: When the Duke Returns***

Norman, D.: A Catch of Consequence***+(1) [N.B. author also writes under the name Ariana Franklin (Mistress of the Art of Death series); I think that the title here is quite ironic and the heroine (Makepeace Burke) is a very different kind of woman]

MYSTERIES / NOVELS: Regency Period

Jeffers, R.: The Scandal of Lady Eleanor(1)*** (N.B. the first in a new series by the author of many Austenesques)

Kelly, C.: The Admiral's Penniless Bride**+(N.B. this is the first Harlequin Historical that I've read, nice light read)


Alpert M.:The Final Theory(1)***+

Alpert, M.: The Omega Theory(2)***+ (N.B. the what-if in these 2 novels concerns the possibility that Einstein actually DID complete the Unified Field Theory)

Berry, J.: The Jefferson Key***

Cussler, C.: The Kingdom(3)***(Fargo Adventure)

Gruber, M.: Night of the Jaguar(3)*****

Gruber, M.: The Book of Air and Shadows****

Gruber, M.: The Forgery of Venus****

Gruber, M.: The Good Son****+

Gruber, M.: Tropic of Night(1)*****(N.B. 1st volume of a trilogy of mysteries)

Gruber, M.: Valley of Bones(2)*****

Khoury, R.: The Sign***

Koontz, D.: Your Heart Belongs to Me**++ (N.B. better than many of his extreme black vs white novels and the psychopaths which haunt them)

Rollins, J.: The Devil Colony (Sigma Force)***


Carriger, G.: Blameless(3)***+

Carriger, G.: Changeless(2)***

Carriger, G.: Soulless(1)***++

Fahy, W.: Fragment*** (N.B. genre of lost continents)

Farnsworth, C.: The President's Vampire(2)**? (N.B not as good as the first; however, there were a few moments...)

Hallaway, T.: Dead If I Do(4)**+

Hallaway, T.: Dead Sexy(2)**+

Hallaway, T.: Honeymoon of the Dead(5)**+ (N.B. author states that this is the last for this series; however, I find that there can still be more stories "conjured:" still don't think Sebastian should use slang)

Hallaway, T.: Romancing the Dead(3)**+

Hallaway, T.: Tall, Dark & Dead**+(1) (N.B. a lot of fun; however, it is terribly flawed)

Harkness, D.: A Discovery of Witches(1)**** (NB: Wicca and the so-called Triple Goddess are MODERN -- this is the only quibble I have with the book)

Harris, C.: Dead Reckoning***(13)

Kowal, M.R.: Shades of Milk and Honey*** (N.B. how do you categorize a Regency from another universe which allows a person to reach into the strings and ribbons of the universe itself in order to bring "glamour" to the visible?)

Stoker, D. & Holt, I.: Dracula the Undead (The Sequel to the Original Classic)***

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