Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Small Confession

In addition to knitting I read a lot. Even though I still read "heavy-duty" books in history, philosophy, theology, et al., I also read "jello." In fact, a number of my "jello" books have concerned the subject from "The da Vinci Code". Now, why would an old-fashioned Hellenic polytheist like myself read this type of book? Am I looking for ways to put-down Christian theology? The answer to those questions is, "NO." And though I do find the mythology that has grown around Magdalene does make a lot of sense in many ways, I am not the one who decides what the guiding mythologies for the various Chrisitian sects are. In fact, I find, as a former history major, that there is quite a bit of pseudo-history in these books, ie. Jewish priestesses -- you've got to be kidding! (this was from "The Expected One"). However, most of them are fun to read -- and some are better than others.

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