Thursday, May 1, 2008

Am I in the Wrong Universe or Something?

I have a wonderful quote in my side-bar from Adlai Stevenson. Since last week I have been sitting and thinking: is it just me; or, is there suddenly more stupidity than usual out there? The glaring case, aber naturlich, has been the Wright Debacle, which he put on for his own ego. (Now I'm upset that I can't do umlauts!) Of course, the press didn't show off any sapience at all. The only news program which keeps me sane is Keith Olbermann's CountDown.
Now, all of a sudden, I have to come up with every project I would like to teach. I really wanted a student to be able to pick out a pattern out of several on a theme. I was always a little advanced in my choices of materials when I took classes -- so, I didn't want to limit anyone. Anyway, now the earliest I can start teaching is July because they don't take pictures. And, I'm sure if you are a knitter you know how large some projects are. I'll only be doing swatches of a rippled afghan and a fan-lace afghan; however, I'll have to complete the cotton tank as well as a kitchen suite. Oh, well, off to unpaid work -- there's no rest for the mildly wicked.

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