Monday, May 12, 2008

Shawl/Stole/Afghan KALs

I have signed up for a lace stole KAL (Knit-A-Long). This is a mystery at the present time as I only know the name: Mystic Meadows (check out the link on my side-bar). I am also on a Ravelry group which is doing Peacock Feathers, another lacy shawl which is really a cape. The yarn I have purchased so far is in a greyish/bluish colourway, very misty in feel. I have also seen something in beautiful shades of green which I might also get, as I can never decide until almost the last minute which colour to use. I am also going to do the Tree-Of-Life afghan as well. Right now I am contemplating what colours I will want as I will probably knit three: one for my Father, one for my best-friend Keri, and one for me. However, bit-by-bit I am becoming more finicky with the yarn I buy. I am finding real differences in quality; and, as it does take time, which is precious, I want to use the best yarn I can get. In fact, I am finickier than my kitties!!

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