Monday, June 2, 2008

Exciting New Yarn!!!! Yummmmm

I have chosen the yarn for the Casablanca KAL Stole (Yes, I did sign-up for yet another knit-a-long.). I chose a yarn from Hand Maiden, Sea Silk, in the Sangria colourway. The yarn is 70% silk and 30% sea cell fiber. It has such a wonderful sheen, especially with the scarlets and purples! The hot colours remind me of a Moroccan bazaar. Now, what to choose for beads? Decisions, decisions....


Laura Gibbs said...

Thanks for the comment about Greek proverbs, Julie! I wrote back an answer there - you have inspired me to put that together; it shouldn't be too hard. For me, "knitting" webpages is my main hobby, although handicrafts are very tempting, too! (My grandmother taught me how to knit.) :-)
Laura Gibbs

Laura Gibbs said...

Greek proverbs ready to do!
Greek proverb script