Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meeting the Alpacas & A Special Stash Enhancement

This afternoon I went with two women with whom I knit on Saturday mornings to the Six Paca Farm in Bozrah ( to meet alpacas up close and personal. Even though it was a very rainy day, there were quite a number of them in the field and over a half dozen in a smaller enclave which we could enter. The little guys were about two weeks old and there were several older ones as well. I couldn't leave without getting something; so I bought 6 skeins of a gorgeous natural grey DK weight alpaca. The fleece from which it was spun was Nuthatch's, one of the 45+ herd at the farm. I am going to make the Stonington shawl and two pair of socks from this yarn, which is very soft and wonderful.

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