Thursday, December 31, 2009

52 In 52 2009 Ravelry Challenge

Well, I didn't quite make it; however 50 books for the year in a good number. As can be seen on my nightstand, I already have a good start for 2010's challenge.

Bennett, A.: The Uncommon Reader ****
Berry, S.: The Charlemagne Pursuit ****
Cussler, C.: Arctic Drift **+
Cussler, C.: Medusa**+
Cussler, C.: The Chase **+
Davis, L.: A Body In The Bathhouse****(13)
Davis, L.: A Dying Light In Corduba****(8)
Davis, L.: Alexandria****(19)
Davis, L.: Last Act In Palmyra****(6)
Davis, L.: Ode to A Banker****(12)
Davis, L.: One Virgin Too Many****(11)
Davis, L.: Poseidon's Gold****(5)
Davis, L.: Saturnalia****(18)
Davis, L.: Scandal Takes a Holiday****(16)
Davis, L.: See Delphi and Die****(17)
Davis, L.: Shadows In Bronze****(2)
Davis, L.: Silver Pigs****(1)
Davis, L.: The Accusers****(15)
Davis, L.: The Course of Honour****
Davis, L.: The Iron Hand of Mars****(4)
Davis, L.: The Jupiter Myth****(14)
Davis, L.: Three Hands In The Fountain****(9)
Davis, L.: Time To Depart****(7)
Davis, L.: Two For The Lions****(10)
Davis, L.: Venus In Copper****(3)
Franklin, A.: Grave Goods****(3)
Franklin, A.: Mistress of the Art of Death****(1)
Franklin, A.: The Serpent's Tale****(2)
Gould, J.: Greek Winds of Fury***+
Graziano & Graziano: Cretaceous Dawn ****
Greanias, T.: Raising Atlantis (1)
Harris, C.: A Touch of Dead (stories)
Harris, C.: All Together Dead ****(7)
Harris, C.: Club Dead ****(3)
Harris, C.: Dead And Gone ****(9)
Harris, C.: Dead As A Doornail ****(5)
Harris, C.: Dead To The World ****(4)
Harris, C.: Dead Until Dark ****(1)
Harris, C.: Definitely Dead ****(6)
Harris, C.: From Dead To Worse ****(8)
Harris, C.: Living Dead In Dallas****(2)
Neville, K.: The Fire ****
Preston, D. & Child, L.: Cemetery Dance***+
Reilly, M.: Seven Deadly Wonders **
Reilly, M.: Six Sacred Stones **
Reynolds, A.: Pemberly By The Sea ***
Rollins, J.: The Doomsday Key***+
Weldon, P.: Spectre***(2)
Weldon, P.: Wraith***(1)

CINEMA 2009: Movies I saw at the theatre

Bright Star *****
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ****

Monsters VS Aliens (a guilty pleasure)
Sherlock Holmes ***+
Star Trek ***+

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