Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winding Yarn

Well, I've started to wind the yarn for my next project, which will be a pullover sweater with a few changes to the pattern. The yarn chosen for this is Cherry Tree Hill mohair/wool/silk boucle in the Champlain Sunset colourway.

The sweater pattern originally had bandings of different colours (this is the "Blueberry Hill" I mentioned in a previous post, which I was doing in a light and medium denim blue, orchid, and a variegated which brought all the colours together). Since this is already a multicolour yarn with short colour repeats, I have decided to change the body of the sweater to a heavy rib (probably 3X3) up to the division for the armholes; then I'll be changing to seed stitch; after splicing the shoulders I'll add a heavily ribbed loose turtle neck. The sleeves I'll be knitting down from the shoulder in seed stitch and I'll finish with heavy ribbing for the wrists.

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